I graduated from St Andrews University with Honours in Music in 1976. I then gained a teaching diploma from Moray House College in Edinburgh. I taught music at Elgin Academy then Stirling High School, working my way up to head of department at the latter. Since 1996, I have freelanced as an organist and pianist.

I have taught the piano since 1978 and have put countless numbers of pupils through the Associated Board Examamination system since then, up to, and including, Grade 8 (the top grade). I pride myself in the number of my candidates who have achieved merit and distinctions over the years.

I prepare pupils in theory and music aural training (as part of piano tuition or separately) which is essential to produce the 'complete trained musician'. If you would like to speak to my former piano candidates or parents of my present pupils (with their permission) I am more than happy to put you in touch.

I teach adults as well as youngsters.